To set the clock in a Mercedes E-Class W212, follow these steps:

Step 1: Turn on the ignition
Turn the ignition key to the „ON“ position, or press the „Start/Stop“ button once to turn on the electrical system of the vehicle.

Step 2: Access the clock settings
Locate the multifunction display (MFD) screen in the center of the dashboard. You will find several buttons below the MFD screen, such as „MENU,“ „OK,“ „UP,“ „DOWN,“ and „BACK.“ Use these buttons to navigate through the menu. Press the „MENU“ button repeatedly until you reach the main menu on the MFD screen. Look for the „Settings“ option and press „OK“ to enter the settings menu.

Step 3: Select „Time/Date“
Within the settings menu, locate and select the „Time/Date“ option using the „UP“ or „DOWN“ buttons, and then press „OK“ to access the clock settings.

Step 4: Set the time
Once you are in the „Time/Date“ menu, you can set the time. Use the „UP“ or „DOWN“ buttons to select the hours or minutes field, and then use the „OK“ button to confirm your selection. Adjust the hours and minutes using the „UP“ or „DOWN“ buttons, and then press „OK“ to save the changes.

Step 5: Set the date
After setting the time, you can also set the date in the same „Time/Date“ menu. Use the „UP“ or „DOWN“ buttons to select the day, month, or year field, and then use the „OK“ button to confirm your selection. Adjust the day, month, and year using the „UP“ or „DOWN“ buttons, and then press „OK“ to save the changes.

Step 6: Exit the settings
Once you have set the time and date, you can exit the settings menu by pressing the „BACK“ button repeatedly until you return to the main menu on the MFD screen.


That’s it! You have successfully set the clock in your Mercedes E-Class W212. The clock should now display the correct time and date based on your settings. If you encounter any difficulties or need further assistance, it’s recommended to refer to the vehicle’s owner’s manual or consult a Mercedes dealership for help. Happy driving!

Note: The steps above are general guidelines and may vary slightly depending on the specific model year and configuration of your Mercedes E-Class W212. Always refer to the owner’s manual for your specific vehicle for the most accurate instructions. Additionally, it’s important to ensure that you set the clock to the correct time zone and observe daylight saving time changes as applicable to your location.

Probably the easiest way to illuminate a wardrobe from the inside. This cabinet lighting is held in place with magnets and charged via USB. Easy Closet Lighting and Motion activated. We bought them in a set (3 pieces) for around 25 Euro on amazon ( ) and are still thrilled. Little effort and expense – but a big effect.

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Light up your closet: the simplest way

► Bought for 210 Euro on amazon

The BMW M2 Coupé is a sports coupé and the most motorized version of the 2 series from BMW. The ultimate sports car with 410 PS. We did a soundcheck and a little test drive at 280 km/h. Check it out and leave a comment.

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M2 Competition Soundcheck

Rolex Datejust 41mm with the blue dial on Jubilee Bracelet – a watch that not only fits suits and shirts – it also looks wonderful in everyday life in a hoodie and sneakers. Thanks for watching. Thumbs up and leave a comment!

Complete Unboxing Video

Lacoste Lerond BL 1 – white leather sneakers by Lacoste: In its subtle, clean look, this sneaker can be combined in many ways. The Ortholite function ensures excellent comfort. The embroidery on the outside adds a highlight to the model.

Bought for 75 Euros at amazon (– a wonderful white sneaker that inspires with its timeless design and many small details. We simply had to order it, unpack it and marvel at it in kind.

Lacoste Lerond BL 1 in size 11.5 US

In its standard shape and narrow shoe width, the Lacoste Lerond sneaker is made practically for everyone. The shoe turns out a little bit smaller – that should be considered when choosing the size.

  • Surface material: leather
  • Inner material: textile
  • Sole: rubber
  • Closure: shoelaces
  • Heel shape: flat
  • Material: leather / synthetic

Lacoste Lerond BL1 White Video

With its clean lines, a robust silhouette and breathable cotton canvas, this sneaker is perfect for everyday life. Especially for those who are looking for an alternative to the Stan Smith from Adidas, which has now become ubiquitous on Germany’s streets. The Lacoste Lerond, on the other hand, comes with tone-on-tone laces and a crocodile around the corner. Like, Comment, Subscribe – Thank you for your support! Thanks for watching. Thumbs up and leave a comment!

NIKE EBERNON MID Edition 2019 – Retro basketball sneaker in a pieced design. Bought for 65 Euros at amazon ( – Like, Comment, Subscribe – Thank you for your support!

Casio Gold Collection – we bought a new watch from Casio (A168WEGB-1BEF). It’s a pretty nice unisex watch and popular fashion accessory. We ordered it, unpacked it and checked it out. Including a small Casio original test and pictures from all positions.

It’s just one of those watches that must be a part of any horological collection. The materials are awesome. We ordered it (➤ for 35 Euro) on amazon in December 2019.

Casio Collection Gold (A168WEGB-1BEF) Unboxing

The wristwatch from the CASIO Collection has a timeless design. With warm gold tones, black stainless steel and black plastic, it can be combined with any outfit in everyday life. Thanks for watching. Thumbs up and leave a comment!

Scope of delivery and classic features

The watch comes in the typical Casio cardboard box. With the guarantee and instructions for use. Even if it appears that the case itself is not made of metal. The bracelet, on the other hand, does and its clasp is flexibly adjustable. Incidentally, this watch is not for really thick arm joints – it looks more like a toy. You should consider this before buying.

  • Illuminator
  • Stopwatch function
  • Automatic calendar
  • Stainless steel band
  • Resin case

A168WEGB-1BEF - Scope of delivery and classic features

Authenticity Check – is your Casio Watch a real original?

Copenhagen Harbour (Danish: Københavns Havn) – Cruise Port of Copenhagen in Denmark. While we were entering the port on the cruise ship Aidabella, there was also the Saga Sapphire ship. Find more videos on our channel – and don’t forget to subscribe meoki on YouTube!

Copenhagen Cruise Port (Video)

Nyhavn Copenhagen Denmark – little new Harbour

Nyhavn (New Harbour) is a little district in Copenhagen. Here some impressions of the waterfront, canal and colourful buildings around this place.

Eiffel Tower Miniature Model – 6 inches in the hight, bronze tone and decor alloy metal from HuaYang bought for only 5 Euros at amazon ( ).

This is a Paris Eiffel tower model that is made of high-quality metal material. Excellent gift for your families and friends and it can give them a lot of memory about Paris. The model is well made and is nicely packaged as a gift.

Some Pictures of the Eiffel Tower Model

Miniature eiffel towers as souvenir

Unboxing Eiffel Tower Souvenir (Video)

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Some impressions of elegant leather strap replacement watchband from MroTech (bought for 18 Dollars – ) perfectly compatible with 42m and 44m Apple WATCH & Sport Edition – all versions Series 5, Series 4, Series 3, Series 2, Series 1.

MroTech Leather Strap 42/44 mm (Video)

Durable and comfortable on the wrist. We really like the leather strap. In the middle layer is a microfiber filler, so that the bracelet is thicker and shows vintage style. It is a bit rigid at first and it gets softer and softer in use. Don’t forget to subscribe meoki on YouTube! In Germany, we say: „Es wäre uns ein inneres Blumenpflücken“ – means: Mental flower picking! 🙂