Amsterdam Souvenirs – between Tulips, Weed and Wooden Shoes

Souvenirs at Holland Gift Shop: A dream for Holland fans and stoners. Tulips in the Tin, Wooden Shoes, Crazy Shirts, Smoking Accessories and Vincent Van Gogh Pictures.

Besides, this is a heaven for marijuana lovers: Cannabis Cookies, Lollipops, Tea and many more.

Walk Through a Giftshop in Amsterdam

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Other Souvenirs from Holland

Looking for the best Dutch souvenirs to buy in the Netherlands?

Typical Amsterdam Souvenirs

Command & Conquer Red Alert Intro and Gameplay

It’s time to remember a computer game classic. The intro to Command & Conquer Red Alert. Published in 1996 and developed by Westwood Studios.

Red Alert Intro – Uncut and Original

MCV Rush in my base

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Port of Oslo in Snow and Ice – visiting Norway in Winter

The Port of Oslo is Norway’s leading cargo and ferry port – here in snow and ice with a view towards the skyline ► find other sightseeing videos on our YouTube Channel.

Port of Oslo in Snow and Ice (Video)

Super NES Classic Mini – Europe Edition Unboxing

Join us in our unboxing of the Super NES Classic Mini, the new console from Nintendo.

The SNES Classic Edition system has the original look of the ’90s console and comes fully loaded with 21 games (Super Mario Kart, Street Fighter II and many more). Get your hands on some of the best 2-player games of the era.

Super NES Classic Mini (EU-Edition) Unboxing

Bought for 70 Euro at amazon. Find other great fashion deals on our YouTube Channel.

PlayStation Icons Light Gadget Unboxing

Light up your room with the symbols and icons from the popular PlayStation system. This light has 3 different light modes. Perfect as decoration or birthday present. USB or battery powered. And it’s music reactive!

Paladon Icons Light in Action

PlayStation Icons Light is a officially licensed product. A USB cable is included, 3 x AAA batteries aren’t included). Bought at amazon for 25 Euro ➤ ► find other great gadgets on our YouTube Channel.

Breitling Avenger Blackbird A44359 Unboxing

Breitling Avenger Blackbird A44359 from 2007 – features a 43.7mm stainless steel case which houses an automatic chronograph movement.

Bought for round about 3100 Euro at Chronext. Find more great watches on our YouTube Channel.

More pictures of Breitling Blackbird

Pong ATARI Game – Gameplay of the Classic from 1972

Pong is one of the earliest arcade video games. The game was originally manufactured by ATARI (created by Allan Alcorn) and released it in 1972. The gameplay of Pong is simple and similar to that of table tennis: A point („ball“) moves back and forth on the screen. Each of the two players controls a vertical line (racket), which he can move with a rotary knob (paddle) up and down. Subscribe for more retro gameplay videos like this – next time: Pacman!

Pong (Atari Classic) Gameplay Video

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Stone Island Sweater in Blue with V-Neck Unboxing

Today we’ll be unboxing a Stone Island V-Neck Sweater. The sweater delights with a clean design and a soft feel thanks to pure wool quality. Particularly stylish is the casual Iniside-out design, which is staged with side piping seams. Rounding out the streetwear highlight is the characteristic label detail on the arm.

Stone Island V-Neck Sweater (Video)

Bought at amazon for 220 Euro,  also available crew-neck ➤ ► Find other great fashion deals on our YouTube Channel.

Casio Gold Watch after 3 Years of Use – Wear and Tear

A classic Casio wristwatch is very durable, but it can come in everyday use to wear, discoloration, scratches and even cracks. Depending on usage more or less.

Here is a Casio Gold wristwatch (A168WG) after three years of use. At first glance, the watch makes a neat impression. At second glance, however, many small scratches are visible. Especially on the bracelet, the watch has lost a lot of color. The battery, backlight and shutter still work like the first day.

Casio Gold Watch (A168WG) after 3 Years of Use (Video)

Bought at amazon for 40 Euro ➤ ► Find other great fashion deals on our YouTube Channel.

Lacoste Riberac LCR3 White Sneaker (Unboxing)

The Lacoste Riberac LCR3 Sneaker in White: Confident and versatile, the Riberac men’s shoe is a Lacoste classic. With embroidered croc logo, rubber sole and side eyelet venting.

We found a great deal and bought this Lacoste shoes for 40 Euro in France – but the sneaker is also available at Amazon. Find more great fashion deals on our YouTube Channel.

Lacoste Riberac LCR3 Sneaker (Video)